Tandem Affiliate Spotlight – Mason Darabi

Working for big corporations all his career, Mason decided that it was time to apply his accounting skills in an entrepreneurial way in 2020. He wanted to learn from working with a variety of companies, specifically in their startup phase. In addition, he wanted to add CFO experience to his portfolio. 


Mason describes some of the most significant benefits of joining Tandem as expanding his network and the variety of business opportunities at Tandem. He notes that with every client he worked with, he received a lot of support from the network. Not being tied to internal sources helped him succeed in these roles and eventually find full-time employment as a CFO.


Mason’s advice for Tandem Affiliates is to put their hands up and always have an entrepreneurial and long-term mindset with the Tandem network and clients. He emphasizes learning, growing, and giving back at Tandem. 


Mason currently works as a CFO at Levitee Labs, which he was introduced to through Tandem.