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Quality Control Lab – Month End Close – August 16, 2022

August 16, 2022 9:00 am PDT

New and existing Network Members can join us for our Quality Control Lab – Month End Close.
9am-10am Pacific Time.

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In these Labs you will have the opportunity to present the status of our client files and ask any question you may have on open issues you are working to resolve.  Essentially these Labs will consist of:

  • Review the status of each of our client files
  • Provide the opportunity for you to ask questions or reach out to our members for any help you may require
  • Going over the Month End Checklist and looking at your trended Balance Sheets and Income Statements
  • Identifying areas that may need more work or help in completing

The 3rd Tuesday of every month will be our mandatory meeting as we will then be reviewing the status of our month end close to make sure everyone is submitting their Checklists and getting their issues resolved.  As this will be our first meeting after the December Month End close process – please attend this meeting so we can get everyone kicked off accordingly.

For those of you not familiar with this Month End Close Checklist and are preparing client files we definitely need you to be part of this process – so please attend these meetings even if you have not yet submitted a checklist and we can go over what needs to be done.

For those of you new to this or would like a refresher, you can find a template of this checklist in the following folder.  Please make a COPY of this checklist before editing and save in the appropriate month-end folder using the naming convention in the template name:

01. Month End Close Checklist
The tabs in Yellow are the ones we need to include for every file – the tabs in Blue can be removed or added as you need for each of your clients.  This will eventually become the file where you keep all of your reconciliations that you prepare outside of your accounting software.

This is intended to be a progressive process and as this process matures and your file documentation gets better the more information it will contain, and eventually you can use it as your supporting documentation for your year end file support that you need to send to the external accountant and tax preparers.

Don’t worry if this is all new to you, just attend the meetings and you will soon catch on and understand what is required.  We are not asking you to do any extra work, we are just having you document what you are already doing in a central location for us to be able to review and provide assistance with.

See you all on Tuesday!


August 16, 2022 9:00 am
9:00 am - 10:00 am PDT
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