Tandem Affiliate Spotlight – Andry Tanusdjaja

Andry is a serial entrepreneur and an operation, strategy, and finance-focused co-founder of a venture-backed startup.


Andry saw the value in being involved with the startup world when he started mentoring. He discovered the networking and business opportunities at Tandem while working for the CFO Advisory Program at VANTEC. Since joining in January 2020, he has been one of the most actively billing Tandem Affiliates. 


Andry describes the key to success at Tandem as consistent quality, attendance, and understanding the Tandem way. He believes that the Red Thread Ventures and Lunch & Learn events are great ways to stay close to the startup world and stay connected with the Tandem network. Andry also appreciates that he has a network of 150+ qualified Affiliates when he needs help or recommendations. He enjoys benefiting from an incredible ecosystem that provides him with work, connections, and support.