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Outsourcing Services

 Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping
 Contract CFO/Controller
 SOX and Internal Control Consulting
 Audit Preparation Services
 Administrative Assistance
 Systems Implementation and Training
 SR&ED Costing and Technical Support
 Financial Modelling
 Government Funding Applications

Tandem’s complement of talented professional accountants are passionate about what they do but strive to have a healthy balance between work and family life. The benefit of outsourcing is that it gives our personnel the best of both traditional public practice as well as corporate accounting environments. Serving multiple clients through the Tandem network provides variety and interesting work opportunities and allows for the implementation of best practices at organizations without the work overload associated with public practice.

Tandem’s services are tailored to each client’s needs whether that entails outsourced bookkeeping or support services, temporary accounting and internal control consulting, full time job placement or remote or onsite training and support. Unlike temp agencies, Tandem has a complete in house training and certification program for bookkeeping, internal control consulting, controllership and public company reporting. Tandem accountants do not work in isolation, instead they work through the Tandem Process Control Portal to bring best practice approaches and collective know how to each client.


Tandem’s outsourcing services utilize the latest in secure distributed communications to deliver superior accounting services. Leveraging the QCDocs Process Control Portal our outsourcing personnel deliver a complete end-to- end accounting system with full COSO internal control capabilities and management dashboard reporting capabilities. Whether you need basic bookkeeping and payroll services or full cycle purchasing, inventory management and billings with public company reporting, Tandem can provide the personnel and system to accommodate your needs.

Training Services

Bookkeeping and QuickBooks™
Accounting and Compliance Processes
Internal Control Documentation and Testing
Bookkeeping and Accounting

Our training services provide real time support to your in house accounting team. Tandem specializes in QuickBooks and Simply Accounting, Accounting and Tax Compliance Processes, Internal Control and Financial Reporting. Using QCDocs, remote support is only a phone call away with a trusted advisor to provide a helping hand to address your specific questions.

Our complement of training includes onsite and scheduled online training sessions.

Bookkeeping and QuickBooks™

So you’ve started your new business, opened a bank account, bought QuickBooks and now what? Quickbooks is a very intuitive program but having someone guide you along the way as you need it at a price you can afford is always ideal. Tandem can come onsite or provide this guidance remotely using QCDocs to share QuickBooks files so that we can guide you every step of the way and provide you operating guides that will help you keep your books in order from inception through to year end financial statement preparation.

Tandem is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and we provide private onsite and online training services in conjunction with QCDocs Systems Inc.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Tandem is a truly unique accounting experience. We combine the best of both public practice and in house accounting roles to foster a culture of networking best practices with hands on company involvement. Our accountants enjoy seeing a variety of issues and sharing best practices to deliver fast, accurate and insightful results at our clients. Leveraging today’s communication technologies, Tandem enables flexible work arrangements and brings collective know how to each and every client.

Unlike temp agencies, Tandem has a complete in house training and certification program for bookkeeping, internal control consulting, controllership and public company reporting. Tandem accountants do not work in isolation, instead they work through the Tandem Process Control Portal to bring best practice approaches and collective know how to each client.

Accounting and Compliance Processes

Tandem provides onsite and online accounting and compliance training in conjunction with QCDocs Systems Inc.

Internal Control Documentation and Testing

Tandem provides onsite and online SOX and MI-52- 109 internal control and disclosure control training in conjunction with QCDocs Systems Inc.

CFO/Controller Services

Are you thinking of pursuing a new acquisitions strategy, considering raising financing for the next phase of your business development plan, or retooling your information technology infrastructure, but a lack of staff resources means you’re frequently in catch up mode just to deliver on your basic finance and accounting responsibilities.

Tandem can help.

In addition to exemplary back office support, we also offer access to senior level financial professionals to help you with your financial planning, reporting and analysis responsibilities.

Collaborative Knowledge

CFO consulting firms offer clients a diverse network of experienced and dynamic financial minds to empower a company with the collective knowledge and expertise of an entire team. A pooled resource base is an extremely powerful tool.


Hiring a CFO from a consulting firm saves the company the costly overhead of adding a new executive member to the team and offers no additional obligations for a pricey benefits package.


A top tier CFO brings a high-level visionary approach to businesses that, because of their size, would typically not be able to afford that proactive level of CFO thinking. This advantageous approach allows a company to achieve unparalleled success and growth.


A CFO consultant will work around a company’s schedule based on their particular corporate needs and objectives. Once again reflecting the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing, the flexibility of a CFO’s schedule allows a company to maximize their effectiveness and plan accordingly.

Funding and Banking

Consulting firms offer extensive knowledge and expertise in the banking industry and can offer a company a tailored funding plan to help a client position themselves for growth.

Outsourcing your company’s CFO can provide you with a higher return on your investment along with sound business advice from an expert with an objective viewpoint.

Internal Control Consulting Services

The Benefits of Outsourcing the Internal Audit:

Cost-effective Solution to Risk Management

As the price of qualified candidates continues to rise, the cost of hiring, retaining and training experienced internal auditors escalates.

Expertise & Experience

The Tandem professionals who perform the internal audit function are highly trained and experienced auditors.

Independence & Objectivity

Outsourcing can provide a “fresh look” at your processes, which may help your organization operate more efficiently.

Multilateral Instrument 52-109 & Sarbanes-Oxley implementation

Training and guidance

Identify business processes

Identify significant control objectives

Perform risk assessment

Document processes

Document controls

Evaluate design

Design test plans

Execute test plans

Evaluate results

Address deficiencies using the “Framework for Evaluating Control Exceptions and Deficiencies, Version 3, dated 12/20/2004

Internal audit services

 Define your audit universe with your audit committee

Develop an effective corporate governance

Develop a risk assessment methodology for the auditable entities

Develop an audit plan based on the risk assessment and requests

Develop an audit charter, approved by both senior management

Develop or enhance your policies and procedures manual identified in the model of major processes/operations from management and get it approved by the board and the audit committee, for the internal auditing activity