Grants & Funding Opportunities in Canada this August

Grow Your Business Online

Eligible businesses will receive a micro-grant of up to $2,400 to help with the costs related to adopting digital technologies. 

Some eligibility requirements:

  • A consumer-facing, for-profit business
  • Can be accessed by consumers or provides in-person services to consumers
  • Has at least one employee (other than the owner)
  • Must commit to maintaining a digital adoption strategy for six months after participation in the program

Boost Your Business Technology

Eligible businesses can leverage the grant to pay for the services of a digital advisor.

  • The grant covers up to 90% of the eligible cost of retaining the services of a digital advisor, up to a maximum grant value of $15,000
  • Businesses also have the opportunity to secure a 0% interest loan from the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) to facilitate the acquisition of new technology
  • Applicants can leverage the help of talented post-secondary students and recent graduates through subsidized work placements.

Seal the Deal Fund

Non-repayable grants up to $15,000 per project to support consulting, engagement or capital purchases that will directly connect or conclude a supplier relationship with a social procurement opportunity.

Eligible examples:
  • Consulting support to submit a proposal or bid that could directly lead to a contract for the delivery of goods and services
  • Design of a marketing or sales plan that has a specific market or purchase opportunity
  • Legal fees for a joint venture or partnership agreement to meet a purchaser opportunity
  • Purchase of equipment, inventory or other accommodation that will directly result in increased sales and social value outcomes



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