Our top 3 picks for funding opportunities this October

Our top 3 picks for funding opportunities this October


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1. Investment Readiness Program (IRP)

The IRP can provide up to $100,000 in non-repayable capital.


Funded by the Government of Canada the IRP has $50 million in grants and contribution programs designed to support social purpose organizations as they contribute to solving social, cultural or environmental challenges across Canada. They can be charities, non-profits, social enterprises, co-operatives or businesses with a social mission.


The renewed program will also expand support to SPOs led by or serving equity-deserving groups, such as (among others):

  • Women
  • Indigenous peoples – First Nations, Métis, Inuit
  • Low-income people
  • Black Canadians and other racialized peoples
  • People with disabilities
  • Members of the LGBTQ2+ community
  • Official language minority communities
  • Recent immigrants and refugees

Deadline: Applications close at 2:00 PM PT on November 22, 2022.




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2. Young Entrepreneur Loan

Are you under 40? If you have a good business plan, you can start or expand your business with the Young Entrepreneur Loan. Purchase shares in, buy, or improve an agricultural or food-related business, and take your dream business to the next level.



  • Get capital for your business up to $1,500,000
  • Low-interest rates so you can focus on building your business
  • Establish or expand your business and build your credit history with FCC
  • AgExpert Bundle: Get AgExpert Accounting Premium and AgExpert Field Premium for one year (a $499 value)

Contact your local team to get started.




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3. The Venture Invitation – Coralus, Formerly SheEO

Ventures receive a 0% interest 5-year loan that is paid in installments. As you pay back the loan, the money is paid forward to new Ventures. You’ll receive access to a global community of women who support you as customers, advisors, and connectors and become your biggest fans.


Eligibility requirements:

  • Companies must be working on creating a better world through their business model and/or product and service as defined by the UN Sustainability Goals.
  • Majority owned (51%+) by cis* or trans woman, non-binary, gender-fluid or gender nonconforming people.
  • Majority led by a cis* or trans woman, non-binary, gender-fluid or gender non-conforming person. For Coralus (formerly SheEO), “led by” refers to the senior leadership role of CEO/ President.
  • You have generated between $50K – $2M in Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the USA, or £40K – £2M in the United Kingdom, in recurring revenue, from customers, in the last 12 months. If you are a not-for-profit or charity that generates revenue and can pay back a loan over 5 years, then you can apply.
  • Your Venture is registered as a legal entity in the region for which you are applying and has export potential.

Round 2 of applications: Nov 14 – Dec 4, 2022




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