Get Investor Ready

Fast track your capital raise.

For startups looking to raise money from angel investors, Tandem will translate your business objectives into investor-ready documents.

We provide startups with assistance in getting their due diligence/data room setup and ready for investor-review.

Understand your funding options, then get support in navigating and attaining the capital you need to grow.

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Financial Analysis

  • Executive Summary (1-2 pages)
  • Margin analysis of business model
  • Financial and cash-flow forecasts (3-5 year)
  • Go-to market strategy review
  • Assess the right capital to obtain based on cash-flow and company alignment
  • Design and update investor deck(s)
  • Cap table review
  • Legal/IP/tax accounting liaison
  • Prepare investment term sheet with legal
  • Due diligence/data room setup plus advising and coaching to completion

Investor Relations

Investor Presentation Coaching

  • Investor presentation assistance and coaching
  • Investor introductions and formal presentation

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Imagine understanding your cash flow and growing your business knowing that you’re meeting your financial commitments. Tandem can get you there.