About Us

Tandem is not your typical accounting practice! We don’t do audits, reviews or file tax returns on behalf of clients. Instead, we are your outsourced accounting team, ready to assist with whatever accounting requirements you may have where and when you need them!

Our outsourcing services leverage the latest in communication technologies to deliver superior ongoing accounting and management reporting capabilities. Our services ensure an efficient and independent audit and tax preparation process. We have a team-oriented, best practice approach to delivering affordable outsourced accounting capabilities wherever your operations exist in North America.

Our placement services provide you with the flexibility to meet your short-term or long-term staffing requirements using our affordable network recruiting and placement model.

Our training services provide training and support to your in house accounting team. Tandem specializes in QuickBooks and Simply Accounting, Accounting and Tax Compliance Processes, Internal Control and Financial Reporting.

Team Work

Tandem was founded around the basis that accounting is best delivered by working together as a team. Accounting entails many different skill sets from bookkeeping to payroll, to taxation and financial reporting.

Often issues arise where having other opinions and input can be invaluable. Tandem strives to enable this team environment using current technologies to unite distributed team members to deliver superior accounting services when and where you need them.


Tandem uses the QCDocs Systems Process Control Portal, a truly revolutionary approach to accounting process management and bookkeeping.

Recognizing that clients have limited resources when it comes to accounting and process management, Tandem leverages the two most prevalent accounting applications in North America, namely QuickBooks and Simply Accounting to deliver a comprehensive methodology for back-office administration and document handling, approval and filing.

Tandem strives to identify and implement innovative technologies that optimize our processes and help our clients operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Best Practices

Tandem strives for constant improvement. Our personnel are motivated by clients that aim to optimize processes and procedures. In this regard, we leverage known best practices at each client to share insights and experience that will benefit all of our clients.

With QCDocs, our clients enjoy an affordable system that enables true COSO (“Committee of Sponsoring Organizations”) compliant internal controls and procedures without excessive documentation cost.


Professional accountants often get burned out working in public practice due to tight client deadlines, unrealistic workloads and messy files.

Tandem’s approach is to implement processes and procedures to get the accounting done correctly the first time and to maintain continuous services throughout the year to keep the accounting accurate and eliminate year-end surprises.

This approach extends into each of our accountant’s work-life balance objectives — we all strive to bring professionalism to each client while maintaining a balanced and consistent lifestyle to enjoy our family and friends.


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