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A Reading List for Regenerative Business Leaders

By Tandem Team


Welcome to our continuously updated blog post where we share monthly book recommendations for leaders seeking to build regenerative business. Our selections span various topics, including ecological economics, Indigenous ways of being and knowing, the ills and end of capitalism, and how business can be a force for healing both people and the land. 

We hope these books inspire and challenge your thinking as much as they have ours.

July 2024 Pick

Saj’s Pick: Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer.

Written by Robin Wall Kimmerer, Potawatomi botanist, author, and educator, this book is a mix of science, spirit and story, and the message is rooted in normalizing Indigenous sustainability practices. It brings with it a really good reminder that a shift toward a more heart-centered relationship with nature is all we really need to make a huge leap in the right direction.

Likening our relationship with the Earth to that of a romantic partner, Robin offers thought-provoking examples that put a fine point on the current dysfunction of that relationship.

Imagine how selfish and unsustainable it’d be if one person in a marriage was all take, take, take, and put themselves first all the time.

Many folks start and end their sustainability journey with easily accessible acts like recycling. While recycling is certainly good, Robin brings the comparison of a partner expecting praise for only remembering your birthday and expecting a pat on the back.

Ultimately, the idea is that being kind to Mother Earth should be a willing act that’s rooted in reciprocity and mutual benefit. Not something to be done because it’s mandated by laws, or only for the sake of avoiding a complete climate disaster!

Bonus fun fact: Sweetgrass is used as a sacred plant in Indigenous traditions and ceremonies. In Robin’s Potawatomi Anishinaabe culture, sweetgrass is believed to be the hair of Mother Earth, and when braided, it’s done in 3 parts which represent the mind, body and soul. Also, sweetgrass smells really sweet when you burn it!

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